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There’s more to losing weight than just eating the right things. So the answer to what you really want is not yet another diet. This FREE book gives you inside line on the other elements that can help or hinder your best efforts to lose weight now (#8 will surprise you).

Is your body letting you down? Do your fat cells seem to take on superpowers while you sleep? Perhaps you look in the mirror and wonder what the hell happened to your body, your life, waistline, confidence, energy or motivation (and possibly all of them at once).   

I'm Ailsa Hichens, a Registered Nutritional Therapist + Health Coach. I've been there and worn the T-shirt. I'm a working mum of 3, and I know how hard it is to juggle healthy eating with real life (and feel you actually have a life!) And, thanks to my years of training, I really understand the science behind WHY whatever you're doing now isn't working for you.

After years wrestling with my own weight, I now I help women who are struggling with an ever-expanding waistline, and a lack of confidence find their own magic formula to break through what is holding them back, lose weight for good WITHOUT ever having to diet again. In the process, they find they become the best version of themselves. Benefit of the benefit, ladies. 

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"This has become a way of life. I know the things that are better for me and I enjoy eating them. I really have changed my relationship with food. Diets I have been on in the past felt like a punishment but this has really taught me how to see food."


"I have definitely lost the sweet tooth. I'm not saying that I wouldn't have anything if I was offered but I wouldn't go looking for it. I'm not feeling the need to snack either. I can't believe I don't have these cravings have gone in such a short time."


"Physically I know I have never felt better. I feel good about life. I am really confident in what I’m eating and how I’m eating. For someone who grazed all the time, things are so different. I wish everyone could feel the way I do at the moment."


"I'm absolutely loving this way of eating. I had no idea that making changes to what I ate would have such an impact! I only wish I had found you years ago! I've wasted so much time and energy (not to mention money) on various diets! "


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