New year, new you... Really????

mindset Jan 09, 2020

Do you absolutely LOVE yourself or are there things you would change? This is a real January kind of question.

It’s at this time of year that you often read about being a ‘new you’. You might even have found yourself proclaiming that you are, since the clock struck midnight at the end of the year, a new person. And that new person behaves in entirely different ways and wears entirely different clothes and so on. Yes?

It always makes me smile. Like a ‘new me’ is even possible. I envisage myself all shiny and new, being unwrapped like a new fridge, first wrestling off the cardboard, then the annoying polystyrene and, finally and with some kind of flourish, dramatically unrolling myself of all the plastic wrap. I digress…

I want you to know that there is nothing wrong with the ‘old’ you. You are perfect exactly as you are and exactly as you aren’t. Sure, there will be some things that are not working right now. You might still be struggling to get rid of that extra weight you’re carrying around the middle, you might still be staring each morning at a wardrobe of clothes you can’t get into, you might have crazy hot flushes, mood swings, bonkers periods and other signs out-of-control lady hormones. There’s nothing inherently wrong about any of that. It’s just what’s so right now and it’s not always fun.   


In the spirit of fashioning an improved version of yourself (note: not new), I’d like to take you on a journey to the future. Ready?

When you know where you’re going it’s easier to get there, right? Set the destination for December 2020. Have a look back at the year that has passed. What will you have achieved in the last 365 days? What wasn’t working that now is?

It’s going to read in a positive way – like it actually happened rather than you’re kind of crossing your fingers but you’re having doubts.

Like this:

“I finally reached my happy weight and I can wear everything I want in my wardrobe. I’ve even bought some new clothes that make me feel great.”

“I have fixed my relationship with food. I no longer feel out of control around food and chocolate in particular. It’s not like I never eat these things. I don’t make anything off-limits now. As a result, I have lost my muffin top and found a level of peace I’ve not had before.”

[These are actual things that actual clients said to me at the end of their programes].


In the spirit of self-improvement, let’s talk about reinvention, which (according to the Cambridge English Dictionary*) means ‘producing something new that is based on something that already exists. Or else it is ‘changing the way you look and behave so that you seem very different’. Another dictionary (Merriam Webster*, since you ask) also suggests it is ‘bringing to use again’.

All of these are marvellous in that they imply that this business of change is not based on morality or judgement of your actions or your situation being wrong. It is about recreating yourself as an improved version of yourself. I also especially like the Merriam Webster definition because, you see, making any changes to what you’re up to in your life is sometimes about learning new things (what you need to eat to lose weight – and it’s NEVER been eating less and moving more btw  – or which foods help you breeze through the menopause). But equally, it is about activating all those skills and resources you already have that you are not currently using or possibly simply being encouraged to do what you already know to do.

If you have decided that this is YOUR year to fix whatever isn’t working in your health and in your life (because my programmes are as much about the lifestyle as they are about the health aspect), I want you to know I am now taking bookings again. Capacity is limited because there is only so much time in the day and, as some of you may know, I also coach and training other nutritionists as part of a consultancy project. I am committed to helping you get that breakthrough in what matters most to you and holding you accountable for getting the results you say you want. If that’s what you need, please book a free call with me. You’ll walk away with some tips you can put into action right away but you’ll also get a feel for what might be possible for you, and we can figure out if we’re a right fit to work together. There’s no pressure on the call, I promise. It really is the furthest thing from a sales pitch. Let’s make 2020 your year of reinvention. And, though I LOVE that you are part of my online community, there is nothing like a financial commitment to ensure that you get the work done! Interested? Apply HERE.


* Just so you know, I did shop around a little when it came to finding the right definitions. These were the ones I liked best.


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