People often ask me when is the best time to start a ‘diet’. There isn’t any best time to start making changes.  Simply, the best time is when you’re ready. This isn’t the same as procrastinating about it (I’ll make a change when I’ve finished off the last of the Quality Street or when Aunty Marg’s 70th birthday is over, or when I get back from my holiday, or when little Billy goes to big school, or whatever).

What is EVEN MORE important than the when is the why. It’s not enough to want something. That’s not very powerful. And is certainly not going to keep you gong beyond next Friday. You need to know your ‘why’.

Why do you want to make a change? What is your real motivation? When you’re filled with motivation, you will find it easier to move rapidly towards your goal and, if you can harness that motivation, that ‘why’, you will be able to stay on track. That’s part of what I do in clinic; figure out what’s really important for clients to help keep them in the zone (that and fix a load of health niggles along the way – the nutritional therapy part).

I’d like you to take a bit of time to think about what it is you’d like to change and WHY.

So where are you at now? What is it you need to change? I’m guessing one thing is weight but what else?  What is your goal and, importantly, what is your why? It’s worth taking a little goal to keep peeling back the layers to get to the REAL meaning and the real why.


I want to lose weight.

Why? So I can fit in my clothes again.

What else? So I can go into a shop and buy the clothes I want to instead of having to have shapeless outfits.

What else? So that I can go out with my friends and feel nice rather than frumpy.

What else? So I feel more confident

You can go on an on with this, believe me. Often what comes out the other end is this intense feeling of not being good enough.

Believe me, you are MORE than good enough. The weight will be one thing, but we need to look at so much more. Stay with me in the group, we’ll get there eventually or you can fast track it through my online courses (click here for info)  or 1:1 programmes (details here). 

A word of warning when you do this exercise, SHOULD is not the same as why and the two ought NEVER to be confused. This is because ‘should’ is a bad thing and, on top of that, will not get you the same results. Every time you ‘should’ yourself, you take a step backwards. Whatever the opposite of empowering yourself is, you do that every time you ‘should’ yourself. ‘Should’ makes you feel told off, naughty or bad about yourself, which is never the right mindset to start any programme at all. You need to WANT to do it because you have got clear on what the consequences are of staying put.

Ready? Let me know what you discover.