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Is it time to do something different?

If you've landed on my website, I'm guessing that despite those worries you had in your 20s that you might accidentally get pregnant, having a baby now you're ready hasn't been quite as easy as you'd hoped.

You are very welcome here. My name is Ailsa Hichens and I'm a Registered Nutritional Therapist + Health Coach specialising in helping couples get pregnant naturally or boosting their chances of IVF success. I do this by coaching and motivating them make small but powerful  changes to what they eat and how they live their life.

As part of my signature Fertility Diet programme, I'll look at your complete health and medical story as well as your lifestyle because it's often fixing some of the smaller details that holds the key to boosting your fertility. Functional testing is also available at extra cost, if appropriate. 

Together we’ll build a personalised programme to nourish your body and support your goal of getting pregnant – whatever health issues you have going on for you.

If you're looking for a Fertility Detox, I've got that covered, too. Or maybe your main concern is to lose weight and lower your BMI to improve the odds of getting pregnant naturally or in readiness for an IVF cycle. My Weight Loss for Fertility + IVF programmes will guide and motivate you to make the changes you need so that weight loss for fertility doesn't seem like a drag.

For a free fertility nutrition MOT, schedule a complimentary, phone consultation with me. You can do that by clicking right HERE or by clicking the button at the bottom of the top of the page.

Till then, my gift to you is a free guide featuring some of the things you can get started on today to increase your fertility naturally.

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Why diet is so important

Regardless of where you are on your journey to having a baby, a great diet can play the starring role in getting your body ready for pregnancy and sustaining a pregnancy when you do see the blue line. The NHS goes as far as to say the right diet is vital if you’re pregnant or planning a pregnancy. I agree. And, if you’re hoping to get pregnant through IVF or other form of assisted reproduction cycle, such as IUI or ICSI, taking steps to clean up your diet and lifestyle is perhaps even more important. Embarking on a fertility treatment programme can be a challenge both physically and mentally, and you wouldn’t run a marathon without any training, would you?

Scientific evidence shows that a good nutrition plan not only increases your chances of falling pregnant naturally but also increases the chance of a successful pregnancy outcome if you are undergoing IVF/ ICSI treatment. It’s not just about the female partner either; nutritional therapy plays a key role in male fertility, too, improving both sperm count and motility.

At my clinic, I work with both partners to create a personalised programme to maximise your chance of conception. You can be sure of a sympathetic, non-judgemental approach and an easy-to-follow programme because I recognise that everyone likes to make changes at their own pace. I also work in conjunction with Simply Fertility. If you are considering your options for assisted treatments, give them a shout.


Written for anyone struggling to get pregnant or who wants to supercharge their fertility... My free ebook gives you the low down on what you'll want to think about at this very important time. 


NEW fertility weight loss programmes

Need to lose weight to get pregnant? Check out my fertility + IVF weight loss programmes. 


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