Tired of feeling tired? Rediscover your zest for life


Are you dragging yourself through the day?

Think back to a time when your mojo cup was full to the brim. You were bursting with energy, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, vivacious, unstoppable, invincible, utterly fabulous. What about now? Has your mojo cup sprung a leak? Are you peering in to find nothing but the dregs? 

Chances are you’ve probably had a crisis of confidence at some time in your life. Are you struggling to remember who you were before you had children? Maybe you’re alarmed at how quickly you’re hurtling towards the menopause (or even watching it disappear in the rear view mirror)? Or did you just miss out on that big work promotion? Suddenly it hits you, like realising you’re out of milk when you open the fridge.

Good nutrition plays a really important role in getting your mojo back. Just as eating the wrong kinds of foods can leave you feeling sluggish and bleugh, the right foods (and some small lifestyle changes)  can help you top your mojo cup back up and put a spring in your step once again. 

If you want to know what changes would work for you, get in touch. 



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