Which gadgets do you really need?

I'm often asked by clients in clinic what they really need in their arsenal to make eating healthily really easy. Here are a few of my top picks that will make knocking up healthy meals, snacks and treats a breeze. 



I love it when clients tell me they have one of these. It is incredibly difficult for many people to eat as much fruit and veg as they need to bring into their diets (seriously, are YOU getting your 7 a day?). NutriBullets are the perfect way to cram  more goodness into your life. You can also use yours to make protein-based shake if you're after a portable breakfast to take to work. There are various motor sizes available. Don't go below 600W. 



If you've heard of courgetti and boodles (butternut squash 'noodles') or even seen the like in supermarkets, this is the machine you need. I bought this particular model a couple of years ago and it is a regular feature when I'm prepping. There are 3 different blades for different sizes and shapes of vegetable loveliness, and it comes with a Helmsley + Hemsley recipe card. These gals, if you've not heard of them, brought the concept of courgette spaghetti to the masses. 



There are a variety of sizes when it comes to choosing a Magimix. This is the daddy; the biggest you can get. If you have space in your kitchen, you won't be sorry you bought this. It's the one that practically all the professional chefs use. If your kitchen on the bijou side, there are smaller models but you'll want one that has XL in the name, which refers to the wide chute (meaning less chance you've have to faff around chopping things up in order to fit them down the chute). 



This beast is big enough to prepare meals for the whole family. What I love about this particular product is that, while some incorporate a ceramic bowl you can take to the table to serve up, the most annoying part for me is having to wash up a pan after searing meat. With this one, the inside pot comes out and can be used directly on the stove for searing, and it's also dishwasher safe.



I must confess I don't own one of these, but it is definitely on my list. Practically every other nutritional therapist I know has one, so that should give you the confidence that they ARE a good thing to own. Sure, they're expensive, but they do the job of lots of other appliances rolled into one. Take a look at what it can do: chop, dice or blend ingredients into salsas, dips and sauces; make soup from scratch in 5 minutes without chopping; whizz up an amazing smoothie; make fresh, homemade ice cream and frozen deserts in 30 seconds.