Is this your almost certain probable future...?

Christmas is a great excuse to eat and drink what you want and hang the consequences. But, as you take down the tree and scoff the last half tub of Celebrations, you’re feeling bleugh about your weight, your health and, in some cases, you life. January is the start of new beginnings. You’ll definitely lose that half stone and sort out niggling health issues. And yet, even though you say you want it, 2 weeks later, the chocolate biscuits are back in the shopping trolley. And 3 months later, you’re still at the same place you are at right now. I want to change that for you. Will you let me? 

30-day Nutrition Coaching Programme – starts 8th January: No fat diets, no weird shakes, just real food and real results!

  • Accessible anytime, anywhere, via a private Facebook group, this is a virtual programme you can manage to suit your busy schedule.
  • Exclusive online access to expert nutritional advice and support from a registered nutritional therapist and health coach (Ailsa Hichens BA Hons Dip ION BANT CNHC).
  • Reboot & Reset resource pack including a flexible meal planner and recipes.
  • Facebook Q&A to deal with any questions or challenges.
  • Not just another diet plan – make it actually happen with motivational support and accountability from your coach


Got questions? Ask me anything you need to know about the programme here

Even if you KNOW what to do, you need help doing it. That’s the human condition so don’t worry about it. Get motivated. Be held accountable for change!