“When I first went to see Ailsa, I was feeling sluggish and unhealthy. I would get every illness going and have it worse than anyone else. I was bingeing on anything “bad”, whether it was biscuits or crisps. It had kind of taken over my diet. I had been trying to sort myself out on my own, but it just wasn’t working. 3 months later and, if I have a bad day or bad weekend because of a holiday or party, I just get back to my healthy diet right away. I am loving what I am eating and just don’t feel I need the junk any more. I just don’t fancy biscuits or crisps. What is keeping my motivation high is that I am enjoying it (and I hadn’t expected to enjoy it). I can’t remember feeling this good in years.”


"I’m loving this way of eating. Wish I had found you years ago. So much wasted time and energy (and money) on various diets!"


“Ailsa explained really clearly how my food choices were impacting on my body.  My plan was very detailed, giving me the tools I needed to change my diet. Since then Ailsa has continued to be very supportive and has answered many of my queries through email, allowing me to stay on track with the changes I have made. I would highly recommend her for anyone who needs help changing their diet but isn’t sure where to start.”