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5 Things You Need to Know about Fertility Diets

fertility Oct 25, 2018

1 What you eat is really important

Having the right diet and eating the right foods is so important when you’re preparing your body for a baby. When YOU get healthy by changing the way you eat, your body gets healthier, creating healthier eggs, healthier sperm and an altogether better environment in which to start growing another human being.

In many ways it’s a bit like car ownership. One of the absolute basics about owning a car is that you put the right fuel in it. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? You put petrol in a petrol car and diesel in a diesel car. You’d be surprised. According to the roadside recovery people the AA, hundreds of thousands of people misfuel every year. The result is thousands of pounds worth of damage: new fuel tank, new fuel lines, new fuel pump, new injectors – in fact, the whole fuel system.

What if I told you right now that the car you drive is the last one you will ever have. You can’t ever have a new one ...

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