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Should I stop eating chocolate?

mindset weight loss Mar 01, 2020


I'm going to put it out there that there's barely been a word loaded with as many emotional triggers for anyone wanting to reach their happy weight. Right there you have: do I like it, which one do I like; should I be having it; how much chocolate am I allowed to have; can I eat chocolate and still lose weight; which chocolate bars have the fewest calories; I had chocolate yesterday;  it is wrong to have chocolate today. I whole lot of chatter in your head, right?

There’s nothing inherently wrong with chocolate - even when you want to lose weight.

For many people, chocolate is the ultimate comfort food, a guilty pleasure. There’s nothing wrong with it occasionally coming into a balanced diet but the reality is that a great number of clients, when they first come to work with me, are not eating a balanced diet. Too often chocolate is used as a pick-me-up because their energy levels are low (and, I’m so sorry to tell you that chocolate is...

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Where did your relationship with food come from?

mindset Feb 26, 2020


Not happy with your relationship with food? Some of it is chemical. Sugary snacks and high carb meals mean you'll crave more of the same. This kind of need for certain types of food accounts for 75% of what you eat, according to experts. The rest? Well, it's up for grabs.

Regular readers of this blog may already have seen the article on habits. Today I'm talking where on earth your relationship with food came from. How you relate to food is rooted in behaviour from childhood around food and how you learned 'the way things are'. 

Food is for nourishment and it also frequently forms part of a social engagement (going out for dinner, dinner parties and so on).  If you use food for any other purpose, chances are you have a dysfunctional relationship with it.  Just like in any other relationship, the one you have with food develops over time and many things will impact it. 

To make real and lasting changes, it’s useful to explore what happened...

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The downside to weight loss

mindset weight loss Jan 24, 2020

This might be a familiar scenario. You’ve been doing really well with what you’re eating and drinking. You’ve maybe been more consistent with your attempts to exercise (or, hang that, actually DOING it). But then you eat a whole box of cream cakes (or whatever). You’re not even hungry. You can barely remember doing it. But you did. And now you feel annoyed. And puzzled.


Welcome to the land of self-sabotage. From a logical point of you, smart women can’t figure out what just happened. Why would you be getting in your own way and wrecking everything you have been working towards?

There are two sides to diet sabotage. There’s the downside that you feel bad and are putting the brakes on your progress. Then there’s the upside – you’ve something nice to eat that maybe you have denied yourself in a while.

There are many ways you can sabotage your progress (that’s for another post) but what I want to...

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New year, new you... Really????

mindset Jan 09, 2020

Do you absolutely LOVE yourself or are there things you would change? This is a real January kind of question.

It’s at this time of year that you often read about being a ‘new you’. You might even have found yourself proclaiming that you are, since the clock struck midnight at the end of the year, a new person. And that new person behaves in entirely different ways and wears entirely different clothes and so on. Yes?

It always makes me smile. Like a ‘new me’ is even possible. I envisage myself all shiny and new, being unwrapped like a new fridge, first wrestling off the cardboard, then the annoying polystyrene and, finally and with some kind of flourish, dramatically unrolling myself of all the plastic wrap. I digress…

I want you to know that there is nothing wrong with the ‘old’ you. You are perfect exactly as you are and exactly as you aren’t. Sure, there will be some things that are not working right now. You might still be...

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How to be happy and lucky – and revolutionise your health

gratitude mindset Feb 28, 2019

How is it that some people are so damn lucky? And happy. Nothing seems to go wrong for them. In fact, everything seems to go so right. All. The. Time. They’re never stressed by the ‘life stuff’ around them and just seem to be having a better time of it. Annoying, right? You could be that person – yes, REALLY – in a few weeks. Seriously. Science is absolutely behind me on this one; you really can change how happy you are.

All it takes is a bit of a gamble on something you might think is a bit 'woo woo' and 5-10 minutes of your time every single day. ‘What is it?’ I hear you cry. Gratitude. Stay with me here. Stop the eye-rolling. Please keep reading. If you don’t think this simple practice is going to turn your life around, then you haven’t tried it. But, if there is anything you are not happy with in your life, if you’re always feeling stressed and are generally overwhelmed with life (even if it all looks great on...

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How to stick to New Year resolutions

mindset weight loss Jan 07, 2019

Leap into the New Year with real resolutions – and make them stick

On 1 January across the world, millions of us make lofty promises to ourselves. We’ll get healthy, go to the gym, drink less wine and eat more greens. We plan to be perfect.

By February, most resolutions are gathering dust as we shake off the holidays and wrestle with the reality of work, friendship, parenthood and bills. It doesn’t happen to me so much these days because I have the skills to coach myself out of it but is this your reality?

Why can't I keep my New Year resolutions?

According to psychologists, even though you might want fast results, you procrastinate. Sustained effort is key to success, so by wanting too much and therefore spreading yourself too thin, you end up at the starting line, feeling defeated already (and even less inclined to begin all over again if you need to).

Resolutions are a healthy way to reboot your life – but you need to keep them real.

The secret is to...

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Is festive FOMO sabotaging your diet?

diet mindset weight loss Dec 13, 2018

Hey, would you like to come to this place, spend the evening at that place, have a mince pie, sausage roll, egg nog, mulled wine, taste my world-beating Christmas cake…?

And you’ll go because you can’t resist. You’ll feast like you’ll never see another meal, and you’ll consume frightening amounts of festive tipples because otherwise you’ll be missing out on all the fun, right?

FOMO – shorthand for ‘fear of missing out’ –is the acute and often unjustified belief that everyone is having way more fun than you. And it reaches its annual high any day now.

Small wonder. Apparently, the British cram 44% more social occasions into December than any other month.

But FOMO really is not your friend this month (or indeed any month) – especially if you want to maintain your weight over the holidays.

Let’s take a look at how that festive FOMO usually pans out…

You’re committed to healthy eating at...

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The secret sauce of weight loss

diet mindset weight loss Nov 15, 2018

I wonder how long you have spent over the course of your life searching for the magic pill when it comes to weight loss? And how much money you have spent on miracle products that promised to make the weight drop off overnight – or at least not make the business of losing weight seem so tricky?  

First things first, if you are someone who has spent a significant amount of times in slimming clubs, what you should know is that almost certainly you have been taught to eat the wrong things. And the community mindset seems to be about finding ways to cheat the diet. It’s no wonder people lose weight and put it straight back on again. Of course, actually eating the right things will help you lose the weight naturally, without calorie counting. And eating the way I show my clients has them naturally wanting to eat the foods that will love their body rather than deciding to seek solace in a bag of Haribos.

What the slimming clubs miss is the vital mindset element of losing...

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How to stop eating 'bad' food

cravings mindset Oct 10, 2018

Over the years – and some of us have racked up more years than others (speaking form myself) – you have probably developed hundreds of little habits. Some of them good, others bad. That’s all completely normal. But look to see that sometimes you’re going to be saying (to yourself, to other people) something along the lines of ‘I have slipped back into a bad habit’ to excuse your drinking more than you want to, or eating lots of chocolate biscuits, for example.

How to train yourself to stop eating 'bad' foods

There are a few things at play here. One of them is the habit loop. Here’s how that works and how to deal with it.

The Habit Loop

A habit is an acquired behaviour pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary.

Habits allow us to focus on other things and, a lot of the time, we are not really thinking about what we’re doing. Willpower is a limited resource and, when it runs out, we default back to our...

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10 steps to beat cravings

Everyone gets cravings from time to time. Sometimes you kid yourself that it is your body telling you that you need to have something (and there is some truth in this – more on that later). Most of the time, however, it is habit. There are some simple steps you can take to manage cravings and avoid binges. Using a combination of these steps will be most effective and some techniques will work better than others for you, so it’s best to experiment.

“But I need it…’
Your body needs a steady flow of energy throughout the day. When you eat too many things that turn quickly into sugar (whether it’s sugar or starchy carbohydrates), this creates a blood sugar spike and the body produces insulin to take the excess sugar out of your blood, and it stores it as fat. Sometimes too much of this sugar is packed away, which leads to blood sugar levels becoming too low, resulting in tiredness, low mood, a drop in concentration – and...

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