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How to hack your sleep hormones

diet sleep Mar 13, 2020

Sleep matters, big time.

You know this deep down. No, not even deep down. You know that things aren’t so good when you don’t get to sleep well regularly. Without enough sleep, you create an uphill battle in so many different ways.

It’s an essential and natural part of life.

And yet we seem to think it’s OK – or admirable in fact – to scape by with as little of the stuff as possible. Almost as though it were a competition.

To be successful, you need to work harder, sleep less – catch up on sleep when you’re dead…

Sleep impacts on your ability to lose weight, it affects how fast you age, can prevent cancer, and dictates whether or not you are able to function at a high level.

Most people get that on a conceptual level, but I want you to get really present to why that is and what the consequences to you are of not having enough.

Unless you already know you struggle with your sleep you are probably in the space where you think...

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