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Discover the magic powers of adaptogens

Who could do with a little extra sleep, more energy and a buffer against the stress that life throws at you? I’m in. Are you?

While you can expect to see the biggest impact through making more strategic changes to what you eat (protein with every meal, lots of veggies, easy on the carbs), it’s true that some foods have special magic powers.

If you said yes to more sleep, more energy and greater resilience, I have some good news for you… There is a group of plants that can help with exactly this and much more. Adaptogens have been rocketed in popularity in recent years and for good reason. As the name suggests, they can help you to ‘adapt’ and thrive despite life’s inevitable ups and downs. Your busy modern lives demand a lot from you physically, mentally and emotionally and adaptogens can help to ease the burden and combat the side effects of stress.

What are adaptogens?

‘Adaptogens’ is the name for certain herbs and medicinal...

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5 ways to know you are well enough

wellbeing Jun 21, 2020

A multi-gazillion £$£$£$ world has been created around wellness and wellbeing. We should all be ‘well’ beings. As a nutritionist and health coach, I am part of that drive to get folk to that mythical place, but there is a small problem. What is wellbeing* exactly? How do you know when you are ‘being well’ enough? How can you measure it? And does it much matter anyway (because we’re all busy these days)?

World Wellbeing Week starts tomorrow, so I thought it was worth giving this topic a bit of consideration so that this year, there’s a chance these next seven days might have an impact on your life.

It seems that the true definition, while a little vague, is not simply “not having a diagnosed disease”. According to the Collins Dictionary, your wellbeing is your “health and happiness”, and the Macmillian Dictionary goes one further with the suggestion that it is the “satisfactory state that someone or...

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