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Are you making this BIG salad mistake (and how to fix it)?

what to eat Jun 27, 2020

As the temperature starts to climb, so does our willingness to eat salad. A good salad can be an amazing addition to your healthy diet if you do it right. Want to lose weight this summer? Eat salad. But, for heaven’s sake, do it properly (and here’s why).

To be clear, it’s not like the police will show up if you make a false move but can I can give you some advice learned over years working as a personal nutritionist and health coach? 

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A couple of things go wrong when clients start making their own salads at home (and making them is something I implore you to do as it works out so much cheaper and often more nutritious than anything you can buy in the shops). 

The biggest barrier is that clients can’t think of what to put in a salad without it being painfully boring. Here, I’m thinking of the ham, cheese, tomato and radish salads my grandma used to force upon me. A salad is a celebration of loveliness....

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Healthy pancakes

recipe what to eat May 24, 2020

I suspect there is not a person in the land who doesn't like pancakes. But those high carb sorts drizzled in sugary syrup are not doing your weight loss efforts any favours.

They can be part of a healthy lifestyle, too. They have to be a little re-imagined but that's not so hard. And these low GL recipes are delicious. 

Pick the recipe you want (there is even a vegan option) and choose your topping/filling so that it fits with your taste buds.

(serves 1)

Pick a pancake recipe from the 3 options below.

To cook the pancakes (all options), melt a little coconut oil in a hot frying pan and fry on each side for about 60 seconds.

Banana Pancakes

1 medium banana, 2 eggs

Mash the banana then mix the eggs in thoroughly.

Oat Pancakes

40g oats, 1 egg, 8tbsp unsweetened milk of choice.

Mix everything thoroughly - literally just that.


Vegan Oat Pancakes

40g oats, 1tbsp flaxseeds mixed with 3 tbsp water and leave for 10 mins, 6 tbsp milk of choice - mix everything thoroughly.


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What to eat to boost your sex drive

hormones what to eat Feb 14, 2020

Feeling frisky? Or has your sex drive flatlined?

Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year when you really feel obliged to be frisky – and feel super-guilty if you don’t. For women, finding that ‘loving feeling’ is complicated, and there are so many reasons why you just don’t feel like getting jiggy with it at all. Here's what to eat to help. 


Having a low sex drive can be the result of side effects of medication, most notably anti-depressants, blood pressure drugs and, ironically, the pill. It’s also linked to chronic medical conditions like cardiovascular disease or diabetes, and relationship problems can play a huge role, and so too can stress.

But right at the top of the list for many women is hormone imbalance. When your hormones are out of whack, your libido takes a nose-dive. Fact.

When your menstrual cycle is fully functioning, the cyclical changes in oestrogen levels mean you have a few revved-up days...

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What you need to know before going vegan

vegan what to eat Jan 17, 2020

In case you hadn't noticed, it’s Veganuary, a huge celebration of being vegan. Although I'm not a vegan myself, I've worked with many vegan clients over the years and every year I do get a little 'vegan-curious'. This led me to sample the vegan burger (gluten-free bun and all) at my fave burger place. I should have known when I read 'vegan bacon' I was in for  disappointment. One of my least favourite things is heavily processed 'food' pretending to be other food. There was not a chance this smoky cardboard could even be a good thing. But back to you...

You might have been wondering whether you could go vegan and whether it will help you get healthier, lose weight and (if the vegan lobbyists are anything to go by) improve any one of a number of health markers.

And, while it’s true that some studies show that a vegan diet can do wonders for your health, it really takes something to make sure that a vegan diet is a good and balanced diet.


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Diabetes? Me? Surely not

health topics what to eat Nov 13, 2019

Has your weight been creeping up on you over the years and is proving difficult to shift – despite your best efforts? Or maybe your energy levels are on the floor? It’s easy to push to the back of your mind. Surely things can’t have got that bad… You’re not one of ‘those’ people whose food and lifestyle choices result in blood sugar levels so wonky, they find themselves in the prediabetes or diabetes trap… It’s easily done, and I see a lot of people in clinic who have been surprised to find they’re occupying that space.

It really is worth getting your blood sugar levels checked out. Once you know your numbers, you can do something about it and make a huge shift in all aspects of your health, including your weight. Whatever the tests say, I want you to know that, by making some simple changes to your diet and lifestyle, it is possible to prevent, control and, in many cases, reverse this condition.


Could be...

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How to survive the (peri)menopause

The peri-menopause can be one of the trickiest times for women to get their head around. One minute you’re 30, full of energy to do all the things you want in your life. Yes, there may be challenges but none of them seem unmanageable. Life – especially when you look back – seemed pretty great. All of a sudden it seems life and age have snuck up on you. You’re just not quite the same person you used to be. You notice you get tired more easily, some days you’re literally dragging yourself through the day, you’ve lost your get up and go for no reason, the weight you used to be able to lose in the run-up to an important event stays stubbornly in place no matter what you try, and you can’t seem to shift that foggy feeling in your brain. But it can’t be the menopause, right? You’re too young…

The menopause actually refers to a time when you haven’t had a single period for at least a year. The run-up to it can last for...

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What do my cravings mean?

cravings what to eat Jun 11, 2019

Have you ever felt compelled to eat a chocolate bar or 'heard' the cake whispering your name? Ever wondered what cravings really reveal about your health? Perhaps your body is trying to tell you something...

Some might dismiss a ‘wisdom of the body’ theory as quackery.  However, if you think about the biological processes happening within your body and the factors affecting these, the argument to substantiate a link becomes more compelling. Here’s why.

Food is so much more than just calories.  It’s information.  The body is a wonderful machine, constantly sending you signs and signals about the information (or nutrients) it needs to function at its best.  The trouble is, when you fall into unhealthy patterns, you unwittingly train your brain and body to think and crave certain foods.  Really. Often these foods give you a quick fix. You feel great for 30 minutes, yet an hour later your energy levels are on the floor and you need...

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What IS nutritional therapy anyway?

what to eat Apr 07, 2019

So it turns out not even my mother really understands what I do all day...

Most people get – on a conceptual level at least – that they should probably eat a bit better than they do, they should probably move more and take the time for more ‘me time’ to live a long and happy life.

‘Life’ seems to get in the way of achieving that. Many of us are juggling jobs and the complexities of modern relationships, leaving little time to dedicate to the business of ‘being healthy’. Convenience often wins. It’s not that that’s wrong per se, but here’s the thing: all the time we are not eating or moving or living as well as we know to do, we are silently getting sicker. That may actually be going-to-hospital sick or it may just mean having health niggles that bother us greatly but that we have learned to cope with. I’m talking here about things like IBS or other tummy troubles, PMT, arthritis, stress or anxiety, haywire...

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What to eat to beat hay fever

health topics what to eat Mar 28, 2019

Itchy, watery eyes? Constantly sneezing? Hello hay fever! Now I really know it’s spring and you’re here to stay – like an uninvited guest – for the next six months. But while Mother Nature can be cruel, she is also kind. It might surprise you to know that changing what you eat can have a big impact on the severity of your symptoms.

According to Allergy UK, as many as 30% of adults and 40% of children suffer from allergic rhinitis (the medical term for the condition), an allergic reaction to pollen. You might start noticing symptoms in March when the tree pollen season starts. Then there’s the grass pollen season, followed by the weed pollen season, which can go on into September.

If this is you, I sympathise: itchy, red or watery eyes; runny or blocked nose; sneezing and coughing; itchy throat, mouth, nose and ears; loss of smell; earache; headache; and feeling exhausted.

There are some foods will make the symptoms of hay fever worse, so try to cut...

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9 things a nutritionist never eats

what to eat Feb 22, 2019

There is an argument that all foods are OK in moderation, and this is largely based on not having ‘being healthy’ become something that feels a chore or that has you missing out on some of the things you really enjoy. But as a nutrition professional, there are a number of things that I NEVER eat.

1 Low fat/ reduced fat foods/ diet foods

These foods are, by definition, very highly processed. Where fat is taken out of food, what nearly always goes in instead is either sugar or artificial sweeteners. The idea that fat is bad or leads to weight gain has now been acknowledged as being entirely wrong. We now know that sugars (and excess starchy carbs) are what mostly leads to weight gain and keep you craving sweet things. Many artificial sweeteners aren’t great for gut health either. I’d far rather stick to the natural, full-fat version.

2 Margarine and butter substitutes

Margarine and vegetable spreads are the nutritionally poorer relations of real butter, coconut...

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