Fancy Christmas without the weight gain - while still having your best life?

Do you have mixed feelings about the holidays?  Is the flip side of all the excitement a fear that there will be a need for a starvation diet – or even Dry January – the moment the decorations go back in the box? What if you could avoid that? What if THIS YEAR were different, that it’s not going to go the way it always goes?


Christmas doesn’t have to be a dance between deprivation and over-indulgence. It’s a question of balance. By balance I don’t mean have kale 80% of the time and an entire party platter of sausage rolls the rest. It’s a question of figuring what matters most.


Roll up, roll up for the best nutrition and lifestyle challenge of the year. There will be mince pies and champagne. Come and join me – and bring guests. Are you in? Why would you not be? Keep scrolling for the deets.

Join the challenge + get your free Christmas survival handbook

Learn the simple hacks to stop Christmas weight gain and stay health(ish) with this month-long holiday challenge


  • Starts Sunday 1st December and runs right through to the end of the year.

  • It’s totally free. Nothing to buy, so much to gain.

  • Free Christmas Survival Guide handbook.

  • Get tips on how to have the best Christmas without piling on the pounds.

  • There will be tips, advice and motivation in the Facebook group Love Your (Im)perfect Self to help you keep on track.

  • Weekly health topics and challenges, from weight loss tips (yes, even in the holidays!), ideas for healthy(ish) seasonal snacks and treats, self care and sanity checks.


About your coach

Hi, Im Ailsa Hichens, a nutritionist + health coach who specialises in helping women lose weight, fix their wonky lady hormones and make peace with their bodies at last.  

I'm a passionate believer in the power of ish... I work with regular people, living normal lives and, as a working mum of 3, and I know how hard it is to juggle healthy eating with real life.

I see women all the time determined to be perfect at 'losing weight and getting healthy' but too often that sees them throwing in the towel after a few weeks because it’s exhausting trying to perfect.  It’s impossible to keep perfection going long enough to have a lasting impact. 

This Christmas why not join me in a quest to be healthy-ish. We'll have mince pies, have fun, and there'll be no afters of starvation in January... Too good to miss, right?

Looking forward to the best Christmas ever? A mix of whatever does you good and a dash of what you fancy? What helps is a plan. I'm sharing my plan, the one that gets me through the holiday season and still do up my skinny jeans. Join my free Christmas challenge and I’ll be gifting you the FREE 15-page ebook – and there might be something else under the tree for you, too.