What if I could show you EXACTLY how to easily reach your happy weight without restrictive diets and deprivation + hold you accountable for reaching your goals for less than a few coffees a week?

You're seconds away from all you need to lose weight for good. Without eating kale and other food you don't like. And even if you've already tried EVERYTHING... 


Stop me if this sounds familiar

  • You've tried every diet + weight loss programme under the sun and are starting to question if anything will work for you...
  • You're tired of overly restrictive meal plans where you get to live only on rice cakes or leaves.
  • You want to learn how to eat in a nutritious and delicious way for years to come...
  • You know you want to change your lifestyle and not another quick fix.
  • Every other aspect of your life is handled and yet this one thing – food – seems beyond your control.
  • And you want some personal advice without paying hundreds of pounds for coaching...

If it does, you'll already know the internet is filled with bad science, false promises + miracle weight loss programmes.  You probably tried them - and you're still miserable. 

The diet industry has lied to you about what it takes to lose weight + keep it off. Counting calories, eating less + moving more doesn’t work.  That’s why you’re trapped in a cycle of being ‘good’, then ‘failing’, only to beat yourself up for a lack of willpower. 

You keep hearing 'diets don't work'... And yet you still want to change your body. So what now? 

There is no magic pill but, with the right advice, accountability + support you will feel more relaxed + positive about your food choices. Let me help you reach your happy weight through habit + behaviour change, not restrictive dieting. 

I created this club for you

  • It takes time and persistence to create healthy habits that last a lifetime. 
  • Yes, you need to eat the right kinds of foods most of the time (and those might be very different from the foods you think you should eat).
  • You must also carve a new path for yourself where YOU get to be your own number one priority for a change. 
  • You will create your own goals because success is a very personal thing.
  • And I will hold you accountable for making the changes you want to make in your diet and in your life. 
  • There is no right or wrong. There's no tell off or shame standing on the scales. It is about what works or doesn't work in your actual life. 

Here's what's included every month

Delicious recipes to try

Rotating seasonal recipes + meal plans plus conceptual ideas so you can put together your own meals. 

Video masterclasses

Informative monthly wellness videos on topics that affect your weight, hormones, health + happiness. 

Accountability + coaching

Weekly group coaching + accountability clinic/ Q&A session to ensure you keep moving forward towards your goals. 

Monthly challenges 

Each month we'll focus on a specific nutrition, lifestyle or wellness topic. You're invited to make one small change.  

Mobile app + desktop

Get access to all the materials via a dedicated online members' area through my app or from your laptop.

Community support

Stay connected and feel supported through a private members' group of women on the same journey.

Take a look inside Be Fabulous

Watch me as I open the doors so you can take a look around for yourself. 


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Some of the topics we'll cover

What my clients say


Physically I know that I have never felt better.  I am really confident in what I’m eating and how I’m eating. For someone who grazed all the time, things are so different. 


The advice and tools have worked so well for me .I'm excited to continue! With losing the weight, my confidence is coming back. Now I have so much more I can wear.


This has become a way of life. I really have changed my relationship with food. Diets I have been on in the past felt like a punishment but this has really taught me how to see food.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Meet your host

Hi, I’m Ailsa Hichens and I’m a qualified nutritional therapist + health coach. It’s my mission that every woman should be able to reach her happy weight with the right support around her. And I declare war on counting calories (which never worked anyway).

I’ve spent years in clinic working with clients just like you who have discovered that losing weight is NOT just about eating less until you can stand it no longer. I help people fix their relationship with food and eat the ‘right’ things for them – and this is absolutely critical after 40 because the rules suddenly get very different.

I’d love to help you. The truth is, there's no magic pill. You’ve got to deal with your chemistry (your symptoms and what’s going on inside), your lifestyle, and how you feel about who you are. When you work on all these elements together, the results can be truly astonishing.

Just in case you're wondering, I'm not a great fan of kale either. In case you're wondering whether I'm like one of those matrons in a scary 'health farm', personally I'm somewhere between a juice cleanse and a doughnut. I am - in short - a great fan of the power of 'ish'. 

The support you need to reach your happy weight

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Personal Coaching

£95 per month

  • All the benefits of the members' programme.

  • 1:1 coaching with an experienced nutritionist.

  • Overcome your challenges/ break through barriers.
  • Bespoke pathway created just for you.

  • Personal action plan after each session.

  • Email support between sessions.

  • Option to add extra sessions, if required (additional cost).


Monthly Membership

£29 per month

Top features

  • Seasonal recipes

  • Weekly accountability

  • Monthly challenges

  • Mobile app + desktop

  • Community support


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