Changing your relationship with food and learning to live a life you love is a combination of knowledge, motivation + practice. Right here's where we start the work...

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Imagine a community of like-minded women with one thing in common – they want to ditch the diet, make peace with their bodies and reclaim their lives. Let me introduce you to FIND YOUR FABULOUS, the no-diet diet club...

Having the knowledge of WHAT to do is only part of the story when it comes to finding your happy weight – and getting happy. I am a big believer in the power of a group and the feeling of teamwork that is created. It’s where the magic can happen.

This brand-new club is going to be going into beta testing soon (code for me and my inner circle dusting off the spell-books, oiling clockworks and fine tuning delivery of my promise). Let me know if you fancy joining us for a super never-to-be-seen-again all-time bargain-basement low monthly fee.

What I CAN tell you is that Find Your Fabulous will include the following elements all wrapped up in a low-cost membership fee (details coming soon)  – less than the cost of a single personal training session + significantly less than therapy...

  • Dedicated online members' area.
  • Exclusive access to seasonal menu plans + shopping lists – nutritionist-designed meals and snacks that are easy to make and that the whole family can enjoy. 
  • 36-page Healthy Life Plan booklet packed with coaching exercises to help you figure out what it is you want for yourself and your life + to help plan for your success – I'll coach you on how to use it to get the transformation you need. 
  • Live weekly Q&A
  • Monthly group coaching sessions to help you break through what's held you back in the past. And to help you get back on the wagon if you fall off – you're human, it happens to us all! Sometimes all you need is a listening ear!
  • Monthly wellness videos on topics that affect your weight, hormones, health + happiness.
  • Monthly challenges focussing on a specific nutrition, lifestyle or wellness topic. 
  • Community support through a private members' group.

All the materials are made up of videos, video presentations and downloadable files, which are yours to keep and work through at your own pace.

And there's no contract. You're free to leave at any time. 


The doors to the club are currently closed – I open them periodically throughout the year. While you wait, how about I send you one of my favourite ebooks – Restore Your Body Confidence in 10 Days...


Leave me your email address and I'll let you know as soon as we re-open.


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