Some gadgets are worth the space they take up on your countertop or in your cupboards many times over. These are the things I really rate.


In second place is the Vitamix. If you're serious about getting healthy (and don't have the budget for a Thermomix), get ready to make everything from nut butters to hot soups in this commercial-grade blender. Cost: £349 - £649 (depending on model).

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This is still the best of all food processors. It's good looks mean you can keep it countertop always (you'll be using it daily anyway) and it's pretty-much indestructible. The XL size is the most practical + versatile for family kitchens. Cost: about £399.

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I started my smoothie journey with a Nutribullet. A 600W motor is more than adequate for most jobs and easily blitzes through nuts, seeds and tough veg for the perfect smoothie (although much more powerful models are available). The Rx model can additionally be used for soups, too. Cost: £59.

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Kuvings slow juicer


Juicers vary enormously and so does the quality of juice they make.  Whichever you buy, go for a masticating juicer, which extracts more juice without adding heat and damaging the plant enzymes. I've had various over the years but this is the current one, and I'm impressed. Does the job of juicers twice as pricey! Cost: £145.

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I'll admit, I've never owned one of these (I have a Thermomix) but I know a lot of nutritionists who do and they absolutely love it! It can slow cook or pressure cook, cook rice, sauté and steam. Tip: it's worth choosing the bigger 8L model if you have a family or entertain regularly. Cost: £99.

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A spiraliser helps you easily cut the starchy carb content of your meals by making courgetti (courgette spaghetti) and boodles (butternut squash noodles) that can replace pasta and noodles. All hail, faux carbs! This one has 5 blades so it can turn its hand to pretty much any cutting task you give it. Cost: £35.

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Von Chef yogurt maker


Making your own yoghurt is a great way to get more gut-friendly bacteria into your life without  all the additives and preservatives (or sugar) you find in the shop-bought stuff. It’s also great for those who are dairy-free. Experiment with different milks, saving £££ on those you'll find in-store.  Cost: £33.

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There are a lot of chemicals in your drinking water. A water filter is essential for removing these chemicals. Filter taps expensive but a jug is cost-effective and slim enough to fit into the fridge door meaning chilled water on tap! Goodbye hormone-disrupting chemicals, hello healthy water. Cost: £25. 

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