Want to create your best-ever summer?

The summer holidays can be the perfect way to undo weeks or even months of good intentions. It seems great at the time, but is often a one-way ticket to regret and self-pity once you return home and realise the damage you’ve done.

What if I could help you get really clear on what you want from the summer so you can keep a holding pattern that won’t have you pile on the pounds, but still allow some holiday indulgence? You even might end up more healthy than you started out... And – best of all – you can reach the end of the summer break with your sanity intact?

What you need is my free summer handbook AND some personal support to save you from yourself (and your circumstances).

Join the free challenge + get your summer survival handbook

Stay on track + hold onto your sanity with the free 6-week Summer Holiday Challenge


  • Starts Thursday July 25th and runs through till (most) children go back to school.
  • It’s totally free. Nothing to buy, so much to gain.
  • Free Summer Holiday Survival Guide handbook.
  • Get super clear on what the summer holidays mean for you, what you want to get from the summer both for your family and personally.
  • Get tips on how to have the best summer holiday without piling on the pounds.
  • There will be daily tips, advice and motivation in the Facebook group Love Your (Im)perfect Self to help you keep on track.
  • Regular Live Q&A/ implementation sessions in the group for those ‘help me moments’.
  • Weekly health topics and challenges, from weight loss tips (yes, even in the holidays!), sleep, hydration, dealing with eating out, healthy snacks and treats, self care and sanity checks.


About your coach

Hi, Im Ailsa Hichens, a nutritionist + health coach who specialises in helping women lose weight (especially that annoying can’t-seem-to-shift-it-no-matter-what-I-try kind of weight), make peace with their bodies and finally feel at home in the skin they’re in. 

You can count on me to tell it as it is, offer practical solutions to your real-life challenges and offer advice – and, just so you know, I'm not a kale and juice-cleanse kind of nutritionist. I specialise in working with regular people, living normal lives and, as a working mum of 3, and I know how hard it is to juggle healthy eating with real life. 

Imagine looking back on your summer… It feels great to know you’ve really rested and recharged, that you’ve laughed every day, and that you’ve enjoyed special family moments. And you’ve managed to hang onto some of those healthy habits you have through the rest of the year.