Press the Reset Button

Re-programme your mind, body + soul. Lose weight, feel amazing + love the skin you're in

Starts 24th June


Are you ready to press the reset button?

...or does the thought of you in a swimsuit make you wish you'd booked that Scottish walking holiday instead? Let's fix that! This 28-day live nutrition coaching programme will help you shed pounds and discover more energy than you thought was possible – without deprivation. This is about finding nourishment and pleasure in food once again. Let’s make your three meals a day really count EVEN IF you've already tried everything.

As a nutritionist + health coach, you’ll find part of the programme made up of what to eat – delicious recipes and not a boring salad in sight. But what you eat is only part of the what you’ll discover. 

The remainder of the programme is feeling good about who you are right now and enjoying the journey. What’s wrong with traditional weight loss programmes is it’s all about the scales. I don’t want you skinny and miserable. You may or may not reach the weight you want – after all, 28 days is only a start (but a bloody good one!). What is important is you start to feel like YOU again, and that something new really is possible.

You are whole, complete and perfect as you are, but when you take part in this programme you can expect to really get your glow back. We are all about long-term health and body confidence, and living life to the max!


Who is this programme suitable for?

This 28-day programme is for anyone who wants to lose weight, get their glow back and improve their health and energy levels. It might be that you have been interested in improving your health for some time or talking to a nutritionist but you’ve not been ready to commit to a full nutrition programme. Or maybe you’ve worked with me or another nutritionist before and just want a ‘top up’. 

Access any time

This is a virtual programme run via my bespoke portal. Check in whenever suits your schedule.

Recipes + resources

Summer Shape Up resource pack, including 2 flexible meal planners (get there quick, and slow but sure) and delicious summer-inspired recipes you'll love. 

Group coaching

Weekly group coaching with a Registered Nutritional Therapist + Health Coach. Plus Q&A inside the Facebook group.

Not another 'diet'

Make it actually happen with motivational support and accountability from your coach. Experience the transformation.


Hello! I'm Ailsa Hichens. I can't wait for you to join me on this 28-day  journey to reset your body for summer. 

I'm a Nutritionist + Health Coach. I work with women who want to feel amazing every day by helping them change what they are eating and fix their relationship with food, and empowering them to live a life they love. Because living well is not just about being on a 'diet' until you can stand it no longer!

I'm a working mum of 3, and I know how hard it is to juggle healthy eating with real life (and feel you actually have a life!) And, thanks to my years of training, I really understand the science behind WHY whatever you're doing now isn't working for you. 

And so I have created this programme to combine a delicious seasonal menu with daily accountability and community combined with live weekly coaching. 

Click one of the buttons to buy, and I'll see you on the other side!


Are you joining us?

We start on Monday 24th June and run for 28 days.


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