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Free resources to help you reach your happy weight, balance your wonky lady hormones + live a life you love. Choose the book you'd like to check out and it's yours to keep. Want them all? They're yours with my compliments.


10 Steps to Superhealth

Discover how to take charge of your health and support your immune system with these easy ideas

No more crazy hormone lady 

Discover the exact foods to eat to help fix haywire hormones, bring your body back into balance and live a life you love.

Lose weight at any age 

Weight loss is different for women over 40. Learn the simple hacks to give yourself the hormonal advantage.

Recreate your happy place 

The real secret to lasting weight loss is feeding your soul. Grab your free ebook to help you do that.

REVEALED: The new rules

Expert tips and tricks for real women living real lives to help you reach your happy weight.

Don't just survive, thrive 

Learn the diet and lifestyle hacks to help you breeze through the menopause.

Supercharge your fertility 

Making a few simple changes can drastically increase your chances of falling pregnant naturally.

Stop the downhill slide

Learn the simple steps to help the ageing process feel a lot less punishing!

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