You're seconds away from taking back control of your haywire hormones


You don't have to settle for being hot, bothered, grumpy & frumpy 

Your body and brain feel like they've been taken over by some kind of malevolent force. Hot flushes, night sweats, brain fog, forgetfulness, anxiety, flatlining energy levels, sleep problems, weight that won't shift however few calories you eat, and trouble 'downstairs'. Welcome to perimenopause.

If you're wondering what happened to your health, your happiness or your waistline (or maybe all of the above), I want you to know that the answer isn't only to take HRT. There's a lot you can fix by making changes to what you eat and to your lifestyle and I'm on a mission to share the 'how' with anyone who will listen. 

There's a lot to love about getting older and it IS possible to tame your haywire hormones without relying on a diet or kale or living like a nun. (Unless you particularly want to). Let me show you how in my free guide to help you thrive through perimenopause - and beyond. 


Here's what's inside...

  1. Learn the specific foods to eat more of (and which to avoid) to help manage symptoms.
  2. Discover the best exercise for women in their 40s and beyond.
  3. Spot the hidden nasties lurking in your bathroom cabinet. I'll tell you which ingredients are mucking up your hormones.
  4. Get motivated to create a lifestyle plan that fits your life and that motivates you!

Start where you are

Now is the perfect time to make some changes. You can start right away with tips in this guide.

Let me help you 

Learn the insider secrets that are working on real women - no deprivation allowed.

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Give yourself a week to focus on eating + living well, and feel the difference!

Now is your time to change


Your midlife really can be your best life. Try the food and lifestyle hacks in my free guide to change the way you experience the perimenopause.




I'm 50 and feel about 10 years younger most days now. I've been there, tried on the perimenopause T-shirt and decided it didn't suit me at all so I spent a great deal of time working on fixing myself. 

I've been a fully qualified nutritionist for going on ten years, and I spend my time coaching women through some of their biggest emotional and health challenges all linked to what can be a really tricky point in their lives - the transition to menopause aka perimenopause. If you've had enough of being hot and bothered - and everything else menopause-related - we should talk. But first, grab my free guide and get started in the comfort of your own home. 

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