Corporate nutrition + health coaching – the game changer your business needs


Ailsa Hichens' corporate nutrition + health coaching programmes change lives by empowering businesses and their people to make the healthiest food choices. The in-person (when permitted) or virtual programmes produce tangible and measurable health and productivity benefits as well as higher levels of employee engagement and lower levels of absenteeism.

Ailsa is an experienced public speaker and training provider, and works with employers to design and deliver in-person and remote nutrition and lifestyle-based programmes that are the best fit for their business culture and the challenges they face. Employee wellness programmes range from lunchtime talks and drop-in clinics to group workshops and webinars, video tutorials and one-to-one coaching sessions. 

The benefits of a corporate wellness programme include: 

• Improved nutritional wellbeing and health of staff (for example, cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure, weight loss)

• Employees become healthier, happier, more focused and more committed

• Greater resilience to manage stress

• Increased morale and increased performance

• Reduced illness and absenteeism

Ailsa's approach

Corporate Nutritionist Ailsa Hichens is a Registered Nutritional Therapist + Health Coach based in Chelmsford. She takes a practical approach to corporate nutrition, offering straight-talking solutions your people can put into practice right away.

Her motto is ‘no one gets left behind’ – even those team members who have never heard of quinoa and wouldn’t find kale in their shopping trolley in a month of Sundays.

In her employee nutrition + wellness programmes, she combines nutritional therapy (the science of what to eat) with motivational coaching to create the right plans for your staff, and then coaches them so they can find the ongoing motivation and commitment to follow it. It is this combination of advice, support and coaching that makes her approach so successful.



Lunch + Learn

Informative + fun sessions. Inspiring and topical talks for all staff to create a new health ethos. Click HERE for popular topics. 

Drop-in clinics

The perfect complement to lunch + learn talks. Start employees off on their own personal journey. 1:1 executive coaching also available.

Wellbeing programmes

Longer programmes can be tailored to your business needs, as well as those of your employees. Online or offline options. 

Webinars + video

A great way to engage staff in these troubled times - perfect for supporting home workers and those in satellite offices. A range of nutrition + lifestyle topics are offered. 



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