Does any of this sound familiar?   

Your cravings for sugar are sometimes unmanageable.

You worry about cutting down on certain foods - particularly bread, pasta and sweet treats.

Your energy is low - especially in the afternoons. Sometimes you're just dragging your bones through the day.

You need more and more of the foods you crave to experience any real pleasure or numb negative emotions.

Being hooked on sugar is like being driven by an invisible force...

Sugar is everywhere and it's the reason you're constantly thinking about food, your cravings are insane and you're caught in a trap of endless dieting.

I know from working with clients that ditching sugar gets results fast. Breaking your sugar habit is one of the quickest ways to drop a few pounds and feel more energised than ever.

But cutting it out (or even cutting down) can feel impossible and you're not sure where to start - especially if you've been using it for years to get through the day, as a reward when something goes well or to cheer you up if you've had a bad day. 

There's no judgement here - I'm often introduced at events as the nutritionist who believes in cheesecake and Prosecco. (Not true, I'd rather have an apple crumble). Bottom line, even nutritionists indulge occasionally but if you want to lose weight, kill your cravings and lift your energy levels, quitting sugar is the answer you are looking for.

Tame your inner sugar monster

Imagine if you could...

Lose a few pounds easily

Increase your energy through the day

Say goodbye to the 3pm slump

Sleep better + wake up feeling more rested 

Get back in control of your cravings

Learn a new way of eating that nourishes you – not rules you

The invitation you've been waiting for is here

Join this 7-day programme and I will show you the easiest way to break your sugar habit for good – without feeling hungry or deprived

In my Sugar Detox you will discover:

How to spot the hidden sources of sugar in your diet

Which carbs mess with your blood sugar balance, leading to cravings and causing you to store fat (and worse!)

How to create healthy new habits around food that stick

Ideas for what to eat instead or your usual treats (meal plans + recipes)

How to tackle stress eating so sugar doesn't start to creep back in!


Get the Sugar Detox today

Yes! I'm ready to break free from the clutches of sugar, stop the constant cravings and lose belly fat!

When you act now, you get INSTANT ACCESS to the 7-Day Sugar Detox programme, which includes:

  • Training videos + tutorials showing how to get into action quickly and easily. You can even watch or listen my app when you're on the go!
  • 49-page Sugar Detox Meal Plan with delicious ideas for breakfasts, lunches and dinners so you don't have to work out what to eat (no weird food, I promise!)
  • 15-page Snacking: Sorted ebook packed with ideas of what to snack on instead
  • 13-page Sugar Detox Success Manual - your bible for the challenge. All you need to know, all in one place
  • Daily planners to help you stay on track - knowing what to do isn't enough & this is the next best thing to a nutritionist in your pocket
  • A huge insider tip that will help make any healthy eating regime stick (yes, really - I do this with all my private 1:1 clients)

Meal Plans

Download the Sugar Detox Meal Plan + Snacking: Sorted ebook with ideas for healthy replacement snacks

Success Guides

Grab the Sugar Detox Success Manual + Success Tracker with tips and tricks to help you stay on track

Training videos

Learn how to successfully quit sugar + why you need to do that now plus tricks to keep stress eating under control


Look, you could do this on your own. The fact that you’re here right now tells me you’ve already got some doubts about how it’s going to go out there on your own.

The problem with just quitting sugar on your own is that you never get a really good understanding of why sugar has got such a hold on you and you maybe don’t know what to do instead - what to eat for your main meals, what would be the best snacks, and how to get going sugar free to work in your actual life.

You’re going to get all the tools and  you will need to succeed inside the 7-Day Sugar Detox so that you can make changes that stick, kill those cravings and feel like your best self – without feeling hungry or deprived. Come and join me inside.

About your coach

Hi, I'm Ailsa, the Founder of Food Fabulous. I’m a qualified nutritional therapist + mindset coach and I help women reach their happy weight, rebalance their wonky lady hormones and create a life they love.

In my private clinic and online groups, I support women to break free from food cravings, regain lost energy and fall back in love with real food.

I feel passionately that you can feel amazing at any age by eating well (most of the time) and without eating kale - or going hungry or feeling deprived. I'm also a mum of three so I know what it's like to juggle family, work and real life!

Get the 7-Day Sugar Detox

If you’re doing to do this thing properly, get help from a pro. My Sugar Detox will help you crush your cravings and break free from your sugar habit with ease in 7 days.


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