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Sugar Detox

The Midlife

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Food cravings are the reason why healthy eating seems so hard

Kill your sugar cravings & get back in balance  in just 7 days

Your body's response to sugar is what's lurking behind some of the worst symptoms of menopause. Get ready to feel more in control around food and ditch your sugar cravings - with ease! You're seconds away from everything you need to break up with sugar and learn to create low carb (not no carb), nutritious and delicious meals that help you feel fabulous. 

Being hooked on sugar is like being driven by an invisible force...

The biggest first step you can take to start losing the weight you want to, feel energised and truly THRIVE in menopause is to give up sugar. But, if you've ever gone sugar free before, you'll know THIS Is what happens: you cut it out, at first it feels hard, then you’re nailing. By the end of the week, you’re feeling great. Then you go back to doing whatever you were doing before and you’re back to square one. The weight that came off goes back on, the sluggish feeling is back, the flushes are as bad as they've been. 


This happens to everyone, so don’t beat yourself up and it happens because most people don’t do anything to fill the hole left behind by sugar. They’re just white-knuckling it with willpower until they can go back to their regular life again. 

Let me introduce you to a different, more effective way ...

Midlife Sugar Detox programme

Does any of this sound familiar?

Your cravings for sugar are sometimes unmanageable.

You worry about cutting down on certain foods - particularly bread, pasta and sweet treats.

Your energy is low - especially in the afternoons. Sometimes you're just dragging your bones through the day.

Your hot flushes and sleep problems are getting worse.

You need more and more of the foods you crave to experience any real pleasure or numb negative emotions.

You've given up sugar before, and seen results, but you keep falling back into the trap.


Learn to tame your inner sugar monster

Join this 7-day programme and break your sugar habit for good, without feeling hungry or deprived

In my Midlife Sugar Detox you'll discover how to spot the hidden sources of sugar in your diet, which carbs mess with your blood sugar balance, leading to cravings and causing you to store fat (and worse!). How to create healthy new habits around food that stick, ideas for what to eat instead of your usual treats (meal plans + recipes) and How to tackle stress eating so sugar doesn't start to creep back in! This is the missing piece; an advantage most women don't have when they decide to give up sugar. They're not filling the gaping hole sugar leaves in their life. Without the Midlife Sugar Detox - quite simply - you're setting yourself up to fail.

Midlife Sugar Detox programme

Your programme includes:

Training videos & tutorials

showing how to get into action quickly.

Listen to the podcasted course when you're on the go!

Midlife Sugar Detox Recipe Book

with delicious ideas for breakfasts, lunches and dinners so you don't have to work out what to eat (no weird food, I promise!)

15-page Snacking
Sorted ebook

Check out my book packed with ideas of what to snack on when you

ditch the sugar.

Midlife Sugar Detox Manual

your bible for the challenge. All you need to know, all in one place


to help you stay on track – this is the next best thing to a nutritionist in your pocket


Why do you need this?

Look, you could do this on your own. The fact that you’re here right now tells me you’ve already got some doubts about how it’s going to go out there on your own. The problem with just quitting sugar on your own is that you never get a really good understanding of why sugar has got such a hold on you and you maybe don’t know what to do instead - what to eat for your main meals, what would be the best snacks, and how to get going sugar free to work in your actual life.


You’re going to get all the tools and  you will need to succeed inside the 7-Day Midlife Sugar Detox so that you can make changes that stick, kill those cravings and feel like your best self – without feeling hungry or deprived. Come and join me inside.

Your Coach

Meet Ailsa

Founder of Food Fabulous

I’m an award-winning menopause nutritionist + mindset coach

I help women reach their happy weight, rebalance their raging midlife hormones and create a life they love. In my private clinic and online groups, I support all menopausal women to break free from food cravings, regain lost energy and fall back in love with real food.

I feel passionately that you can feel amazing at any age by eating well (most of the time) and without eating kale - or going hungry or feeling deprived. I'm also a mum of three so I know what it's like to juggle family, work and real life!

Ailsa Hichens Menopause & Midlife Nutritionist in her kitchen
  • Will this be hard work?
    No but it will be some work. Every day there’ll be a check-in point. There will be things you want to do to help rebalance your life. The info will be sent daily via email and it will be available on my app, too. You can choose to read the day's lesson or listen to the voice note.
  • How much time will I need for the programme?
    Anything between 5 minutes to 30 minutes a day, depending on whether there is an activity to do. It’s not the law to follow along every single day. I’ll be checking in on you – and this is different from checking up on you!
  • What results might I realistically get from the programme?
    This mini programme is a chance for you to take a step back and reflect on what you want, what you do that energises you and what drains you. I’ll be sending little love notes to your soul, and I’ll be asking you to take a little time every day to do something nice for yourself. We’ll do this together for three weeks and by the end, you will have worked out what you want to keep in your life and what is no longer serving you. I would expect you to be feeling more relaxed, calmer and more in control of your life and – with that – feeling happier in your own skin. The knock-on effects might be that you start sleeping better, you feel less overwhelmed and less guilty about taking time for yourself, and that you regain your physical and emotional energy.
  • What will I get when I sign up?
    We start right away! There will be daily content drip-fed through this mini programme with the sleep masterclass bonus delivered as you get towards the end of the programme. The recipes and ebooks will be available instantly.


Got questions?

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