Want to start your healthy new life right away? Online is the perfect place to start. 

An online programme can be a great introduction nutritional therapy. The benefit is lots of great information you have access to straight away. My courses are made up of videos, video presentations and downloadable files, which are yours to keep and work through at your own pace. And all for the price of a decent bra and pants set... One of the big differences between doing it yourself (by taking a course) and getting personalised support from a coach is that you don't get to go deep into your specific symptoms and you are relying on your own ability to work out what's REALLY holding you back from getting where you want to be. But at these prices, I'm offering you a fantastic insight into how life COULD be for you if you do the work. If you like my style and want to work on a deeper level to tackle your specific stuff, click here to book a discovery call to talk through the options. 



Click the links below for more details on individual courses – from just £29

The Lifestyle Diet That Actually Works

Ever wondered what the best diet is for sustained weight loss? The low GL diet is proven to help you lose weight in a healthy way without cutting out any major food groups, without deprivation and the misery of recriminations because you won't fail. This 4 week kickstart programme helps you put the low GL diet into practice in your own life in a meaningful way. We'll be working on what to eat, with menu plans if you like that kind of thing, PLUS the mindset stuff, too (and getting that right is the key to lasting success).  


Break Free From Emotional Eating

Is your relationship with food making you miserable? Dieting is a soul-destroying, vicious circle with no end in sight. You start a diet but the deprivation hurts like hell. You overeat to feel better, then diet to punish yourself. You break the diet because it makes you feel rubbish. You've 'failed' so you feel bad. Then you overeat some more to make yourself feel better. There is a solution, and it's here. You aren't lazy and you don't need more willpower. You need to unravel what's really going on and find your way back to a healthy relationship with food. When can you start?


The 21-day Digestion Rescue Plan

Tummy troubles can bring misery to your life, whatever this means for you personally.  Not many people do anything about it – even when they experience debilitating symptoms. Are  you one of them? If you are experiencing digestive distress of any kind, isn't it time you did something about it? My unique 21-day Digestive Rescue Plan is part information, part diet plan designed to help you improve your digestive health and improve your symptoms. It will also help understand what other factors might be impacting on your symptoms and which tests might be relevant for you to consider. 


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