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DNA methylation test

for menopause & midlife

The ultimate genetic methylation test made popular by Gary Brecka. Be your own biohacker and test whether you might be deficient in nutrients essential for every aspect of your health 

Don't guess, test. The answers
really do lie
in your


If you're looking for one foundational test that gives you an overview of ALL aspects of your health, it's this: the DNA Methylation Test. The test was made popular by human biologist Gary Brecka (10X your health) because it shines a light on so many aspects of your health, from energy production, hormone balance and cardiovascular disease to risk factors for mood and mental health issues like addiction.

If you were at the Health Optimisation Summit in London in June 2024, THIS is the test everyone was talking about. 

The Gary Brecka test is not available (at the time of writing) in the UK but you can get and EVEN BETTER test with a greater number of markers from the UK lab used by Food Fabulous.The test by nutrigenomics leaders LifecodeGX is unmatched thanks to it's comprehensive collection of genes tested - it tests the genes Gary Brecka talks about on Steven Bartlett's podcast Diary of a CEO (listen HERE) PLUS 22 extra genes.

What does the  methylation genetic test do?

The Genetic Methylation Test analyses your DNA to identify specific genetic variations known as SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms). These subtle differences can significantly impact your health and bodily functions, including how you metabolise nutrients and medicines. By understanding your unique genetic profile, you can make more informed decisions about your health and lifestyle.

This test provides insights into your body's ability to process essential cofactors such as:

  • Vitamins B6, B9 (folate), and B12 (cobalamin)

  • Methionine

  • Betaine

  • Choline

  • Zinc

  • Magnesium


Testing also helps identify potential inhibitors that may affect your methylation pathway, including:

  • Environmental chemicals

  • Moulds

  • Certain medicines

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Heavy metals

Armed with this knowledge, you can develop targeted strategies to optimise your methylation process, addressing any genetic predispositions or weaknesses. This personalised approach allows you to enhance your overall health and wellbeing by working with, rather than against, your unique genetic makeup.

Image by Ashraful Islam

Who would benefit from the methylation test?

The methylation test is fascinating and pretty much everyone would get some interesting insights from it but the test is particularly useful for people with:

  • Impaired detoxification (including women undergoing hormone therapy, anyone who drinks alcohol, or those exposed to toxins)

  • A family history of cardiovascular disease (such as non-coronary atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, or circulatory issues)

  • Mental health and mood disorders (including schizophrenia, autism spectrum disorders, bipolar disorder, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, and depression)

  • Neurological conditions (such as Parkinson's disease and cognitive decline)

  • Immune system disorders and autoimmune conditions (like Hashimoto's or Graves, rheumatoid arthritis or lupus, etc). 

  • Food and chemical sensitivities

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

  • Fertility challenges

  • Accelerated ageing

Which genes are tested in the methylation DNA test

The Gary Brecka DNA test  covers the following genes: COMT, AHCY, MTRR,  MTR and MTHFR.

Our test covers many additional genes:

Folate Cycle: DHFR, FOLH1, MTHFD1, MTHFR, RFC1, SHMT1 and TYMS
Methionine Cycle: AHCY, BHMT, CHDH, FUT2, MAT1A, MTR, MTRR, PEMT and TCN2
Neurotransmitter Cycle: COMT, MAOA, MAOB, MTHFR, PNMT, QDPR and VDR
Transsulphuration Cycle: CBS, CTH, GSS, MUT and SUOX
Urea Cycle: BDKRB2, NOS and SOD

Image by Ashraful Islam

How DNA testing works

  1. Book your consultation.

  2. The test will be delivered to your door.

  3. Do the test (it’s just a swab of the inside of your cheek).

  4. Send it back in the post.

  5. You’ll get an email when your results are ready (takes about 4 weeks).

  6. We’ll have our interpretation session and you’ll get your personalised recommendations based on your results.


Book your DNA Methylation Test today

The investment for the test is £399 and includes the test kit and an interpretation session with an experienced nutritionist. Many tests on the market are inferior tests, examining fewer genes and do not include interpretation of your test. 


Considering more than one DNA test? Check out the offer tests on offer.

Popular test combinations 

* Please ask about customising tests. You can combine any of the individual tests. 1 test = £399; 2 = £649; 3 = £899; 4 = £1149; 5 = £1299

Need a whole-life solution?

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