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A monthly membership for midlife women who want an experienced nutritionist on speed dial to ask their burning questions about their menopause health and nutrition with Voxer* messaging support and quarterly group coaching calls. Investment: £66/mo


Click the button that represents how you want to pay for your membership.

From weight loss stalls, hot flushes, and confidence wobbles, to energy crashes and sleep woes, bring me your burning questions and I’ll give you practical, do-able advice that will help you feel amazing!


One thing my clients  love about working with me is having me right at their fingertips to ask questions. With Voxer support, it's like having your own personal cheerleader whenever you need it most. You can listen and respond to messages on your own time, whether you're at the gym, walking your dog, or sitting in the garden with your feet up.

When you join Radio Midlife you'll gain INSTANT ACCESS to:

✅  The Midlife Sugar Detox mini course - this foundational course gives you practical first steps to help you tame your midlife hormones so you can reduce many of the worst symptoms of menopause.

Value: £49. 


✅  Be the CEO of Your Health Masterclass - it's not just what you know, it's what you do consistently and this on-demand class gives you the lowdown on how to set yourself up for success.

Value: £59.


✅  A brilliant fillable menu planning guide - this guide gives you what you need for weekly meal planning so there'll be no more winging it when it comes to your diet.

Value: £29


✅  A seasonal meal plan packed with yummy yet healthy recipes for every meal and snack so you'll alway know what to eat. You’ll get one seasonal plan every three months you’re with me.

Value: £59. 

✅ A beautiful Wellness Planner sent to you in the post.  You can use this gorgeous book to keep track of your bigger-picture goals and wishes as well as the day-to-day stuff that’s important like what you’re eating, what appointments or important tasks you have, how you’re sleeping and feeling about your life. I send you one every three months spent in Radio Midlife.

Value: £18. 


Exclusive access to me, Ailsa Hichens, via Voxer (* a free downloadable app very similar to WhatsApp. It's private and does not show your personal details) on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month. Bring me your burning questions and I’ll give you the answers that’ll get you the results you want.

Quarterly “Ask me anything“ group mentoring calls. This is your opportunity to pick my brains about ANYTHING MIDLIFE and MENOPAUSE that’s keeping you stuck so I can give you the EXACT answers to propel you forwards. 


And the cherry on the top?

The investment £66 monthly

(minimum 3 month commitment)

Your first month is worth £213 in your first month in bonuses alone.

Your first payment is £66

So what are you waiting for? Come join Radio Midlife and let's get to work!

I believe everyone should join Radio Midlife, whether you’re just starting perimenopause, you’re right in the thick of it or you’re now out the other side and you’re postmenopausal.  

Radio Midlife terms & conditions

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Ailsa Hichens

Meet your host Ailsa,

I’m Ailsa Hichens, an award-winning Registered Nutritional Therapist, Health Coach & Nutrigenomics Expert specialising in menopause and hormone health.

I help women feel fabulous, ooze confidence and get back in control of their hormones.

My superpower is helping fit the science of what to eat into your actual life. Let me help tame your raging midlife hormones so you can live life on your terms.


Click the button that represents how you want to pay for your membership.

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