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What if I could help you get really clear on what you want from the summer so you can keep a holding pattern that won’t have you pile on the pounds, but still allow some holiday indulgence

It's really is possible. Get the guide to find out how.

ultimate holiday eating strategy ebook

Having children off school or home from uni means juggling work commitments with potentially less-regular childcare. And a summer holiday may also be looming, or perhaps an endless stream of picnics, barbecues or summer parties with friends. 


This book is perfect for you if, in the face of so many circumstances that might detail all your good intentions, you usually end up giving in and letting summer run its crazy course then dealing with the fallout later. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. But if you want to make the transition back to ‘normal’ in September without recriminations and regrets, keeping some control over how you spend your summer will be helpful. 

This guide is that book and I wrote it to help you navigate your summer without losing your cool. 

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Start where you are

You don't have to make lots of changes but you do have to to do some things differently. 

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Let me help you

Learn the insider secrets that are working on real women - no deprivation allowed

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Feel Fabulous

Read the tips, give them a go. See how you feel. Let me know what you think!

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