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Terms & conditions

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Radio Midlife is a three-month minimum term commitment.


If you decide you no longer wish to be a part of Radio Midlife BEFORE your minimum commitment time ends you are still responsible and required to pay for the three (or six) months you originally committed to.


The same applies if you renew your membership. Membership is a commitment to three-month (or six-month) blocks. If your payment fails you will have 24 hours to rectify this before being removed from Voxer Access to Radio Midlife and your subscription is cancelled. No refunds will be given for previous months subscribed.


Radio Midlife operates a zero tolerance policy on members who disrespect in any way shape or form the other members of Radio Midlife. Your access to Radio Midlife will be IMMEDIATELY removed. NO refunds will be given on any sums paid.

Radio Midlife VOXER Coaching Boundaries

Questions should be submitted on the 1ST & 3RD WEDNESDAYS OF EACH MONTH. Questions posted outside this will not be answered until the next Radio Midlife Voxer day. A calendar is attached for you with a reminder of dates.


Questions will be answered between the hours of 10-5 (UK time) within two hours if not sooner. 


Ailsa cannot  “personally” review your food diary or test results and give personalised feedback.


This is reserved for clients inside one of the 1:1 programmes. If you have test results that  you would like to discuss, you are very welcome to book a Midlife Intensive strategy session. Email to ask what your options might be.

Your questions need to be clear, precise and to the point . This guarantees Ailsa understands exactly what you need and can give you the right answer. You will be tagged when your question has been answered.

You will be tagged when your question has been answered.


Quarterly "Ask me anything" Group Calls

Access to quarterly group coaching calls is available inside the Learn portal. Reminders WILL NOT BE SENT OUT. Quarterly call dates are marked in PINK inside the downloadable calendar. Call times midday UK time.


Access to Online Programs included with Radio Midlife

Access is provided inside the Learn portal. Click the links provided to access immediately. 

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