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Ready to feel great in menopause? Here are 10 things you must do

Menopause can be one of the trickiest times for women to get their head around. One minute you’re 30, full of energy to do all the things you want in your life. There may be challenges but none of them seem unmanageable. The next minute, you’re a gold member of the 3am wide awake club, hot flushes are driving you crazy, you can’t remember names for toffee, everything annoys you and your weight keeps climbing up and up and up. 

You’re just not quite the same person you used to be. You notice you get tired more easily, some days you’re literally dragging yourself through the day, you’ve lost your get up and go for no reason, and you can’t seem to shift that foggy feeling in your brain. 

Are you nodding your head yet?

The messaging on social media and the internet in general may make it seem like the perimenopause years are grimsters. Let me reassure you, there's a lot you can fix by making changes to what you eat and to your lifestyle to achieve a healthy and happier menopause - and I'm on a mission to share the 'how' with anyone who will listen.

In this blog, we will explore 10 things you must consider if you want a better menopause. 

These considerations can help address common problems associated with menopause, such as weight gain, fatigue, poor sleep, hot flushes, low mood, and more. By addressing these issues head-on, you can regain control of your life and feel like your vibrant self again. Hurrah!

  1. Manage Menopause Weight Gain: (Yes, I know you’ve been trying…) One of the most common complaints during this phase is weight gain, even when you're doing everything you used to do to maintain a healthy weight. It's important to find a new way of eating that suits your body's needs and supports weight loss. It’s in part knowledge of what it really takes to lose weight at this stage of your life (how your midlife metabolism works) and in part repeatedly doing the work. 

  1. Take Tiredness and Fatigue Seriously: Menopause can leave you feeling drained, mentally as well as physically. You may find yourself lacking energy and struggling to complete even basic tasks, especially if any of these require a modicum of enthusiasm. And that’s even when you’ve had a decent night’s sleep. By following a nutritional and lifestyle  programme that focuses on balancing your energy levels as well as your midlife hormones, you can regain your vitality. That might sound like a stretch from where you are now, but take my word for it. 

  1. Sort out Poor Sleep: Waking up at 3am and struggling to fall back asleep can be extremely frustrating - to say the least. It disrupts your rest and makes you feel groggy and unfocused during the day. By implementing strategies to improve your sleep, such as creating a bedtime routine and practising mindful eating, you can wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated. (I have a lot to say on this topic so take a browse around the Notes from Midlife blog for other articles I’ve written). 

  1. Quell Hot Flushes and Night Sweats: The sudden onset of hot flushes and night sweats can be disruptive and embarrassing. It’s off and on with the jumper like the Hokey Cokey, but a lot less fun! Finding ways to manage these symptoms, such as incorporating functional foods into your diet, can help reduce their frequency and intensity. (I’ve written blogs about these ‘functional foods’, too, which are foods that do stuff in the body beyond providing energy.)

  1. Kick Low Mood and Lack of Motivation into Touch: Menopause can bring on feelings of low mood, loss of motivation, and a lack of enthusiasm for life. It's essential to address these emotions and find strategies to boost your mood so that you can regain your zest for life. Believe me, this is a lot easier when we’ve worked together to help you get your energy back, and on your sleep. Sometimes it resolves all on its own.

  1. Boost Low Body Confidence: Menopause can cause changes in your body that make you feel self-conscious and lacking in confidence. By finding a way of eating that works for you personally and supports weight loss, you can regain your body confidence and feel comfortable in your own skin. I know that you know, this is a time of enormous shifts (not all of them pleasant or comfortable). When we take things step by step on the Midlife Method programme, you really do find a new perspective. 

  1. Soothe Irritability and Emotional Instability: Menopause can make you feel irritable, angry, and tearful, often for no apparent reason. These emotions can strain your relationships and make you feel like you're losing control. Everything and everyone is annoying, then you get all shouty, then you feel guilty for ranting at everyone. It can’t just be me. By implementing techniques to de-stress and practise self-care, you can find peace and emotional stability. It sounds a bit woo woo but it’s the truth. 

  1. Fix Joint Aches and Pains: Menopause can leave you feeling achy and stiff, making you feel 400. Implementing strategies to support digestion and reduce bloating can alleviate joint pain and make you feel more comfortable in your body. Some of the functional foods (which are also hormone balancing foods) also act like magic.

  1. Look into Reasons Behind Hair Loss: Hair loss is not uncommon during menopause, and it can be distressing and impact your self-image. By detoxing personal care products that may be disrupting your hormones, you can support hair growth and reduce hair loss. Other major causes we can dig into include (but are not limited to) the DUTCH hormone test, and just checking in with how much you are actually eating - it’s enormously common for perimenopausal women who want to lose weight to be eating too few calories and this can result in hair loos.

  1. Get Tested: Menstrual irregularities can be frustrating and distressing. In perimenopause, there will be times your periods are light, heavy, or missed altogether. By implementing a program that supports hormonal balance, you can calm unpredictable periods and reduce comically heavy flows. DUTCH (there is is again) is helpful, as are stool tests or breath tests if there is anything bothering you about your digestion. And genetic tests can help pinpoint current and potential future weaknesses - I’ve not met a client yet who hasn’t had a lot of ‘ah-ha’ moments with these!

All of these changes really are possible for you. Seriously, these transformation  require commitment and a willingness to try something different. You need to be open to trying new foods and putting in the work to plan your meals and make necessary lifestyle adjustments. However, it's important to remember that you don't have to do it alone. With the right guidance and support, you can navigate menopause with ease and achieve the transformation you desire.


Introducing The Midlife Method, a 12-week bespoke programme that fixes the problems you have, whether you want to lose menopausal weight, kill your cravings, finally sleep better or nix the hot flushes.

It will cover a range of topics, from goal setting and mindset to meal planning, stress management, and self-care. Each week, you will learn valuable information and strategies to address the specific challenges you are facing during menopause.

If you're ready to take control of your menopause journey, the price of this program is £1497. This investment in your health and well-being is well worth the transformation and relief you will experience.

Remember, the transformations you desire are unique to you. You may want to make peace with food, get better sleep, regain body confidence, or simply feel like the best version of yourself. By committing to this program, you'll be on your way to achieving your goals and back to feeling incredible.

Find out more about The Midlife Method, a 12-week high-level 1:1 programme for menopausal women who want to lose weight, fix their hot flushes and stop feeling knackered, and instead start feeling confident and in control so they live a life they love. Go here  ➡️ 


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