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4 reasons you'll want to keep a food journal

blog motivation planning Oct 24, 2020

I am a huge fan of food diaries when you are trying to eat well. No, scratch that. I am a huge fan of food diaries, period. I believe that everyone who eats food should keep some kind of journal for four very powerful reasons.

1 If you are tracking symptoms - let's say digestive problems or headaches - keeping a journal or diary may help you spot a common thread. Ate chocolate, got a headache. Had pasta, IBS symptoms flared up. Do you see?

2 Want to know how good you are at being 'healthy'? No matter how well you think you’re eating, a food tracker of some description will illuminate those little weaknesses everyone has. It may be that the biscuits will show up if you had some but also that you can spot areas where your diet looks weak - not enough veg or maybe even not enough food. With the actual data rather than what you suppose is the case, you can choose to keep some habits or change them.

3 Writing down what you eat warts and all (because what would...

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Be the Queen of Lockdown Meal Planning

planning Apr 03, 2020

 The Queen of Meal Planning always has the right stuff in the fridge and cupboards at any one time. She never has to suggest her children go forage for their supper. She always makes time for breakfast, packs a healthy lunch, and she is satisfied with her lot such that she never finds herself ravenous by 3pm and tempted to eat the office birthday doughnuts. She isn’t forced to eat her body weight in cheese as she hunts for something for dinner. Nor is she the kind of girl to eat tuna mayonnaise, half a jar of pickles and a bag of Haribos, because there is literally no other food in the house. 

Want to be that person? There is always scope to brush up on your organisational skills. The secret to eating well is, in part of course, due to eating the right kinds of foods. But mostly it’s down to planning then preparing the right kind of foods.


Spontaneity only works for superheroes. It does not work if you want to eat well and...

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